Fashion Week / Paris the safe road to Style

I finally took some time to line up thoughts and pix from the recent Paris Fashion Week A/W17 Pret-a-Porter days and, although on the one hand I did not find any new & improved trends upgrade on what I saw in Milano, which by comparison was overall more daring and bubbling, on the other hand there was plenty of mostly safe day-to-day Style inspiration to draw from, with special focus on details & accessories.

Counter-trends were a thing, so next to the Red wave we saw in the last shows there are a few Alt-Colors to love and wear. 50 shades of Pink, Purple Wine hues, Dior Blue palette are a nice variation to experiment with.

counter-trends are a thing also when it comes to Materials, notably Leather which is beautifully draped and constructed as it was soft & flowy fabric and Sheer Tulle & Silk + the occasional Plexi, which is at its best when used as an over-dress on top of different regular clothing items. Embroidery also takes the stage and goes next level with beautifully complex designs covering everything from dresses to coats.

Focus on Details & Accessories it’s what made Paris worthwhile.
In the beginning was The Boot which we saw declined in the most interesting variations, from waste-high Skinny Boots to Big Drapy & Soft, to Low & Cool.

When it comes to Bags there is no middle-ground, they are either soft edgeless & Huge or Tiny & square.


On the Jewelry & Bijoux bright side of life it was nice to sea how everything tends to get bigger better faster stronger, earrings go asymmetric, necklace bleeds into sculptural, head pieces get precious. From another planet the Lanvin sublime jewelry collection.

My Wardrobe’s Picks span from pastel doll to rockstar, passing by classy lady on the way

While nothing majorly stunning was going on the runaway, in Paris Style was actually on the Streets. Compared to Milano where the streets were mostly walked by the usual daring apes, Paris gave some joyful moments and inspiring trends put into practice, from colorfully classy to classy punk. Loved it!

And sure as daylight, the usual Fashion Monkeys flocked like raindrops in Autumn, enough to make one nostalgic for better sunnier days, but never enough to spoil the party!

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