Homemade with Love / 50 shades of peas

When in doubt about what to eat to celebrate a new week and a new season, think about Spring colors and what makes them so fresh and pretty, then close your eyes and try to guess how they would taste like in your kitchen.

Well, my guess is it would be a lot like this delicious Peas Cream with Smoked Salmon

here is what you need: fresh peas, fresh ricotta, natural yoghurt, smoked salmon, garlic, rosemary, thyme, pink pepper granes, Cervia sault, parsley, lemons.

here is what you do: Prepare the salmon marinade by putting the fish in a flat long dish and adding the oil, lemon juice, pepper, sault, herbs before covering it up with clingfilm and leaving it in the fridge for 1 or 2 hours. Make the aromatic olive oil by popping into a warm pan over a medium heat the oil, smashed garlic, pink pepper, rosemary and thyme. leave it cooking for a few minutes and take it off the heat little before it gets to the frying point. Let it cool and then put it into a little oil bottle without filtering or taking the herbs off; it can be kept and used quite a few times. Make the ricotta and yoghurt cream by putting them in a bowl, approximately with a 3 to 1 proportion, adding sault, pepper and a little aromatic oil, and make it into a cream using a mixer. Make the peas cream by first boiling the peas, then sautéing them in the aromatic olive oil with garlic and turning it into a light cream with a mixer. Least but not last make the fried parsley to garnish the dish, in a small pan put some sault and heat some olive oil, then throw the parsley leaves in the hot oil and keep it there just a few seconds, then transfer to a dish with blotting paper and let the oil be absorbed for a minute.

at this point all is left to do is to assemble the ingredients and serve the taste of Spring coming from your Kitchen!

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