Fashion Week / Faves from Milan

As Paris Fashion Week just passed the half-time mark I took some time to go back to what I just saw at Milano Fashion Week picking my favorite trends from the A/W 18 Pret-a-Porter collections.

trend #1: Red is the new black
As beautiful colors were to be seen in every alley and on every street corner (hurray!), there is one color that seems to be predominant and was never missing from each and every show: RED!

trend #2: Tailleur is back (again)
Brought into the elegant lady’s closet by Mademoiselle Chanel, made glam by the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, the good old suit is back for comfy but classy daily wear.

trend #4: Velvet dreams
Soft to the touch, smooth to the eye. Velvet comes in every shape and color. pants, jackets, suits, dresses. minimal, baroque, boho, retro-chic.

trend #5: Quilted is your friend
From 19th century undergarments to next millenium sartorial trend, quilted is an interesting concept to experiment with. In Milan we have seen it coupled with minimal lines and looks and it seems we are up for a good start.

trend #6: If you cannot shine you better Sparkle
women like jewels, women who actually become jewels under shiny garments not only at night-time. Next winter color is not enough to celebrate life, we all need to shine and sparkle.

trend #7: Furry is one thing, Fur is another
While Furry is fun, Fur is brutal. I def will go for the fun. sense of fashion must not cloud sense of life.

here is what I would actually wear, that is to say straight lines, soft materials, accent colors and shoes for regular daywear, velvet & subtle sparkle for special occasions.

and, least but not last, the usual fashion monkeys who flocked the streets hungry for their 15 seconds of fame. After all irony is always the chic-est accessory!

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