Farm to Face for beginners / Detoxing my skin routine

At the dawn of the New Year I promised myself to put in extra EXTRA effort to accomplish what I have been trying to do for the past year at least: embrace the Farm to Face movement and turn to an all non-toxic clean products life.

Needless to say it does not come easy at all to us, kids of the late capitalism, as we are constantly on the line of fire of fantabulous images of the next best product & produce, they all look so damn good that they can’t possibly be bad. But in fact, guess what? In most cases they are! Toxins, preservatives, parabens, phthalates and the longest list of poopy ingredients ready to mess up with your natural chemical balance and even with your hormonal well-being, when not pushing cancerogenic inner buttons, inhabit in huge amounts our personal care favorite products.

After many failed attempts to overturn my daily routines and cleaning up my shopping habits, I decided to take the matter to a new level by doing two simple things: 1. take it easy, one step at a time; 2. make a plan, organise, start somewhere.

Hence, I decided to start from my skin routine, perhaps the easiest thing to start with. And, as the volume of skin products on the market is too wide to tackle, I decided to focus on a simple strategy – never use more than 3 products at a time, clean first and foremost, perfecting during the day and correcting at night –  and the help of tech 2.0

If you think it’s hard to know by heart what ingredients are good or bad for you, welcome to the club, it’s practically impossible to clean up your bathroom closets without the help of some sort of manual constantly at hand, even more so because also the many products presented and labelled as “clean“, “bio” or “natural” can contain bad chemicals, mostly desguised as “fragrance”

This is why I was so glad to stumble upon a little app called Think Dirty which has a very large products’ database and an easy-to-read rating system, going from “0” to “10” from cleanest to dirtier. On top of that the app also offers a detailed explanation of each and every ingredient and the effects they have on body and health, and for each dirty product you might have in your closet it offers a list of clean alternatives.

In short: Think Dirty is basically the holy bible to whomever, like me, wants to make the move from hell to personal care heaven!

As I started my journey into detoxifying my closet only 3 weeks ago, if you want to know how the switch from bad to clean products is working for me, just keep on following me ON THE RITZ, I will keep an up to date diary on new clean products and how they really work.

Stay tuned, stay clean!

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